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The products and services at KTS Rooms are tailored to fulfil the demands of travel agents. Our instant invoicing and real time booking management system helps clients to manage all their travel needs online. Our website will provide you complete assistance regarding reservation of hotel rooms at different destinations that you are going to visit.

Our shopping basket at  https://www.ktsrooms.com includes all essential travel products like:

  • Distribution Channels:

KTS Rooms is international distribution system for travel products; the service team here offers competitive hotel rates with advanced B2B network. Numerous experienced professionals at KTS Rooms are ready to help you to make direct connections with travel suppliers, retailer and wholesalers throughout the world. Every deal will enhance your exposure and you will find something valuable to offer your customers ahead. KTS Rooms offer classic inventory management services to thousands of popular hotel partners all around the globe and we ensure dynamic service platform for clients to improve their exposure.

  • Accommodation Arrangements:

KTS Rooms is currently dealing with more than 375 000 classic hotels throughout the world so you can avail best booking facility for your customers at any destination. You can book low budget, mid range to classic luxurious establishments as per their needs. Our service terminal offers you book now and pay later option that is most useful choice for travellers. Simply check out the details of all popular hotels worldwide and pick the one that meets customer’s budget and needs at preferred destinations.

  • Multi-Destination Trips:

Whether your customers want a single destination booking or they are curious enough to explore multiple locations worldwide; our hotel distribution system can provide a customized solution that fits individual needs. Our service team is committed to guarantee trouble free travel experience with our wide range of travel and hotel inventory products. Whether you need to make bookings for a business trip with a big group of business professionals or it is a group of friends ready to join hands with adventure at popular sites, our innovated and well crafted itineraries can make their tour memorable and successful.

Incredible Features of Products and Services offered by KTS Rooms:

  • We offer all deals at competitive rates; you can avail dynamic pricing with profitable exchange rate and 100% platform independent solution.
  • KTS Rooms maintains a great customer support system with dedicated and experienced support team.
  • You can avail real time booking confirmations with wholesale rates that makes all deals profitable.
  • Our centralized hotel distribution system stays up to date with essential details related to locations, amenities, site images and useful descriptions along with multi-lingual interactive site maps.
  • The advanced booking technology ensures online invoicing and statements with instant results.
  • You can enjoy multi-currency rate options to ensure trouble free deals at any corner of world.
  • We offer white labelling of vouchers so that you can easily distribute them to sub agents in your city.